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AED CUSP1 Public Access Defibrillator




AED CUSP1 Public Access Defibrillator

AED CUSP1 Public Access Defibrillator

Key Features

  • Easy and Simple Operation
  • Efficient and effective e-cube Biphasic technology (BTE type)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pre-connected pads (one pair of pads for adults and chilidren)
  • Easy communication with CU-EX1 software using IrDA or SD card (multi-event recording) –OPTIONAL
  • Pads usage indication (Check and indicate the expiring date)
  • Adjust volume automatically depending on the circumstances.
  • Perfect for public facilities


Public places can often be noisy. Crowded stations, airports with constant announcements and streets filled with cars and people often make it difficult to hear what’s going on around you. Trying to use an AED in noisy places can be difficult if the first responder can’t clearly hear the voice prompts and instructions from the AED.  The iPAD CU-SP1 listens to the ambient noise, and automatically adjusts the volume of its prompts to make them clear and easily heard over the background noise. When the correct volume has been reached the iPAD CU-SP1 keeps the prompts at this level


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