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AED Saver 1 (Fully auto AED 200J with LCD/CarryCase/Disp Battery)


Efficient and effective e~cube Biphasic technology (BTE Type)
Manual and AED operation
Defibrillation using paddles, pads or internal paddles
Noninvasive pacing mode



AED Saver 1 (Fully auto AED 200J with LCD/CarryCase/Disp Battery)

AED Saver 1 (Fully auto AED 200J with LCD/CarryCase/Disp Battery)

Operation: Semi- Automatic Version
Fully Automatic Version
Energies: Standard max 200J or Power max 360J
Waveform: Adaptive BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) conforming to patient chest’s impedance
Protocols: Various adult shock protocols available on request
Factory default: Adult Standard escalating 150, 200, 200J
Adult Power escalating 200, 250, 360J
Paediatric (Standard or Power) 50J fixed
Charging time: ≤9 seconds with a new and fully charged battery depleted battery will result in a longer charging time
Analysis time: IEC/EN 60601-2-4 from 4 to 15 seconds
Impedance: 20-200 ohms
Controls: 2 buttons for Automatic: ON/OFF, “i“ info button
3 buttons for Semi-Automatic: ON/OFF,
“i“ info button, shock button
Flashing Icons: “connect pads to patient“
“adult/child“ informing on pads type use
“don’t touch patient“ warning to stay clear
“touch patient“ informing it’s safe to touch
Indicators: Status LED indicator informing on device condition
Battery gauge with remaining capacity rate
Audible alerts and text display with service alarms

Standard Accessories:

External Paddles
Pads – 1 set adult
Pads Adapter
3 or 12 Lead ECG Cable
Smart Card & Reader
SP02 Finger Probe with extension
cable – Adult
1 x pack of disposable electrodes
1 x roll of printing paper
Battery Pack
Carrying Case
User Manual
Optional Accessories

5 Lead ECG Cable
10 Lead ECG Cable
Bed Hanger
Pacer and SPO2 Module
Car Cigar Lighter Jack
SPO2 Finger Probe (Standard adult probe with VH1, VH2 and VH3 Model)
SPO2 Extension Cable (Standard Adult with VH1, VH2 and VH3 Model)


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