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Syringe Pump SP950

Original price was: R6295,25.Current price is: R6000,00.

1.Be compatible with multiple syringe brands. The injection accuracy can be guaranteed by calibrating.
2.Identify the syringe specification automatically, with the alarm function of improper specification.
3.Display real-time parameters (such as accumulated volume, remaining time) by the 2.8″ TFT LCD.
4.Injection reminder function.
5.The injection parameters can be saved after shutdown.
6.Audible and visual alarm function.
7.Audible and visual alarm function.
8.With purge function, convenient for supplying temporary and rapid medication.
9.Adjustable occlusion threshold (high, middle and low), be used for monitoring the real-time pressure.
10.The parameters and syringe type settings are protected by the password, prevents random changes.
11.Intelligent dual-way power supply (AC, built-in high capacity lithium battery)


Syringe Pump SP950

Syringe Pump SP950



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