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ECG 1200G – 12 Channel & Interpretation


ECG1200G is a 12-lead electrocardiograph that simultaneously collects and prints ECG waveforms. It offers features such as automatic/manual recording and display modes, automatic measurement and diagnosis of waveform parameters, “Lead off” and “Lack of paper” prompts, multi-language interface, AC/DC operation, rhythm lead selection, trend chart and histogram printing of P-R interval, and case database management.



ECG 1200G – 12 Channel & Interpretation

ECG 1200G – 12 Channel & Interpretation

Key Features:

  1. Sync collection for 12-lead ECG with high-quality waveform processing.
  2. Display of 3/6/12-lead ECG and important settings on a single screen for convenient diagnosis.
  3. Multiple printing modes and formats, including trend chart and histogram of P-R interval.
  4. Adjustable paper speed with various options.
  5. Auto-analysis and auto-diagnosis of routine ECG parameters, reducing the doctor’s workload.
  6. Built-in memory for storing up to 1000 cases.
  7. Multi-language interface and report options.
  8. Long standby and recording time, suitable for home visits and examinations.


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