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ECG PM80 Handheld, Bluetooth and SPO2


Designed for daily homecare ■ Light in weight and portable size ■ 3.5″, 320×240 TFT display, touch screen(PM80) ■ Simple operation and rapid test, ECG can be detected only be two hands or chest. ■ Automatic analysis of ECG waveform, heart rate and heart rhythm. ■ Provide clear ECG waveform used for diagnosing to doctor. ■ Built-in memory for more than 5000 cases of measurement of single channel ECG, depend on the capacity of the SD card. ■ Power indication and automatically power off under energy-saving mode. ■ Wireless: Bluetooth Parameters: ■ HR measuring range:30bpm~300bpm ■ Bandwidth:0.05Hz~150Hz ■ Sampling : 200Hz ■ Battery: Built-in lithium battery (DC 3.7V)



ECG PM80 Handheld, Bluetooth and SPO2

ECG PM80 Handheld, Bluetooth and SPO2

Production Characteristic:

– 3.5-inch color TFT touch-screen.
– Adopting built-in electrode can observe single-lead ECG waveform fast.
– Continuous ECG monitoring mode.
– Achieving separate ECG,Oximeter collection and mixed collection.
– Analyse accurately, display intuitionistic and pellucid.
– Integrated case manage function, review, delete, storage case.
– TF mass memory medium.
– Carry through diversified settings according to user needs.
– Have divers form system tools, in order to provide more close service to user.
– Have mass rechargeable li-polymer battery.

Primary Technical Guide Line:
– Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 5%.
– Standard Sensitivity: 10mm/mV ± 5%.
– Noise Level: ≤30μV.
– Common-mode rejection ratio: ≥ 60 dB.
– Scan rate: 25mm/s ± 5%.
– Sampling frequency: no less than 400point/s.
– Enduring polarization voltage: ±500mV
– Oximeter:SpO2:
– Measuring Range: 0~100%
– Absolute error permit ± 2%, the metrical results display in the range with 70%~100%.
– Less than 70% is not defined.
Pulse Rate
– Measuring range: 35bpm~250bpm.
– Error ± 2bpm or 2% which is greater.

Sell in standard
– A user manual
– 2GB T-Flash card
– ECG Cable
– disposable electrodes
– High-quality bag
– A power adapter(5V/1A)
– A data line
– A disk (PC software)
Sell in addition
– An oximeter probe
– bluetooth
Physical Identity
– Dimension: 131mm (L) × 74 mm(W) × 28mm (H)
– Weight: About140g


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