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Height Measure HM202P Portable


The HM200P mechanical stadiometer disassembles into small pieces for easy transportation using the included carry case.


Height Measure HM202P Portable

Height Measure HM202P Portable

It can be set up nearly anywhere for measurement at home, in offices, or in clinics.


Wall stabilizers for use against wall for maximum stability
Convenient and easy to setup and dismantle, with transport using carry box
Large floor plate ensures stability
Markings printed on each side for easy viewing
Light weight and detachable parts make installation and measurement simple
Portable carry box

Measuring Range: 14 – 205 cm / 5.5 – 81 inch
Graduation: 1 mm, 1/16 inch
Dimensions: 350 (W) x 400 (D) x 2430 (H) mm
Units: mm, Inch
Standard Accessory:


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