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iPAD SP2 Rechargeable Battery Li-ion


Rechargeable battery for use with the iPAD SP2 defibrillator. The battery can provide enough power for up to 70 lifesaving shocks or 3 hours worth of operation time.



iPAD SP2 Rechargeable Battery Li-ion

iPAD SP2 Rechargeable Battery Li-ion

Battery features

  • Rechargeable battery means that you will never need to purchase another battery pack
  • Provides enough power for up to 70 lifesaving shocks/3 hours of operation time
  • For use exclusively with the CU Medical Systems I-PAD SP2 defibrillator
  • Ensures that all AED self tests can be carried out

How to use

Once the rechargeable battery pack has been clipped into the defibrillator, the unit will begin to carry out diagnostic tests to ensure that the AED is always rescue ready.

When the battery pack is getting low, the unit will beep and alert the user that the battery requires recharging. The benefit of having a rechargeable battery pack is there are no further costs for replacing the battery in the future


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