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Oxygen Concentrator 0C5B-7L (Neb/Alarm)


The CONTEC Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect device for anyone who requires Oxygen Therapy (Supplemental Oxygen). Concentrating the oxygen from the ambient air, by selectively removing nitrogen, it effectively supplies an oxygen-enriched gas stream.



Oxygen Concentrator 0C5B-7L (Neb/Alarm)

Oxygen Concentrator 0C5B-7L (Neb/Alarm)

Designed with smart noise reduction technology and a low hypoxia alarm that will alert you if your oxygen levels are too low giving you the Confidence to Breathe Pristine!

The CONTEC Oxygen Concentrator also doubles as a nebulizer, providing an extra layer of therapy to those suffering from Asthma or COPD. The humidification cup is removable making it easy to clean and maintain.

As an added safety measure, this system is equipped with a mechanical flow meter that ensures precise delivery of oxygen at all times.


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