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Oxygen Concentrator VH5 – 5L (Neb/Alarm)


  • There is audible and visual alarm with CODE indicating on LCD when malfunction which including low oxygen concentration (<82%)alarm, power failure alarm,high/low pressurealarm, high temperature.


Oxygen Concentrator VH5 – 5L (Neb/Alarm)

Oxygen Concentrator VH5 – 5L (Neb/Alarm)

  • user interface is easy to operate, umners and displays is clearly visible.
  • There is cumulative hours indicating on LCD.
  • Oxygen outlet with 6mm(1/4 inch) barbed fitting and Diss connector.
  • Flowmeter from 0~5L/min adjustable achieved by combination of concentrator.
  • Flowmeter adjustable with minimum markings at 0.1L/min intervals, more accurate.
  • Moden intellegent design, can support SPO2 and nebulizer fucntion at the same time.


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