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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Lovego LG101


Portable Oxygen Concentrator for home/car/travel produces 40% to 93% oxygen saturation.

Standard package include:

1 oxygen concentrator, 1 Li-ion Battery, 1 battery charger, 1 car inverter, 1 nasal cannula, 1 head type tube, 1 humidifier bottle, 1 spare filter, 1 trolley

 Attention: This model is suitable for patients who need 1 to 2 liters oxygen.




Portable Oxygen Concentrator Lovego LG101

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Lovego LG101

with 40%-93% oxygen purity

Item specifics

Brand Name:  Lovego                                                                                      Type: portable oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Supply: 1LPM-5LPM                                                                           Oxygen purity: 40%-93%

Model Number: LG101                                                                                     Noise:  ≤45dB

Power (W): 90 Watt to 100 Watt                                                                       Certification: ISO13485 CE

Usage Condition: Car charger, Household, Outside                                         Voltage (V): AC 110 to 240V and DC 12-16.8V

Power Source: Battery, Electrical and Vehicle Power Supply                            Item: Lovego G1 portable oxygen concentrator

Remote control: No                                                                                           Plateau suitable: yes

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Altitude: Up to 12,000 ft. (3657 m)                   Weight: 12 lbs (5.4kg) Machine only, 13.7lbs(6.2kg) with battery


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●   Filter needs to be changed after using 3000 hours. 

Easy Operation

Power on and oxygen coming out

LG101 is our first-generation portable oxygen concentrator. Its minimalist style allow customers easy cooperation.

Mature technology keeps it working stable in a long time.
Battery design and car work design allow customers to go outside.

Customers could get freedom back again as before.

Enjoy the sunshine freely

Your family member could walk out in the sunshine or basking on the beach. Basking in the sunshine can strengthen immunity, supplement vitamin D, and increase blood circulation. It’s very good for treatment.
If you need a longer time, an extra battery is available.

You could also refer to 4 hours model LG102 and 8 hours model LG102S. They will provide much longer battery time than LG101

Travel with ease

You could accompany your family member to go to the hospital at any time and don’t need to worry lack of oxygen.
Your family member could go shopping, take a walk, doing recovery exercises, visiting friends and relatives as usual.
Colorful life could keep your family member away from loneliness and keep a good mood. A good mood is good for treatment.
With Love portable oxygen concentrator, you could arrange travel without worry.

Be prepared for Emergency

We must be prepared for emergency situation. Such as power failure and family member’s illness worse suddenly.
If power failure happen, we could use battery immediately.
If family member’s illness worsen suddenly, we need to drive them to hospital immediately and require oxygen supplement in the whole journey. Lovego portable oxygen concentrator could produce oxygen all the time and save life in emergency.

Product Parameters
LG101 Specification
Continuous Flow Settings
1 – 5 liters continuous oxygen flow
Oxygen Concentrations
40% to 93%
Sound Level
≤ 43 dB (nominal) at flat table
10.2 in x 7.7 in x 15.2 in(26 cm x 19 cm x 38 cm)
12 lbs (5.4 kg) machine only, 13.5lbs (6.1kg) with battery
Battery duration
One hours at all settings, extra battery is available
Warranty time
12 months
Alarm type
High temperature alarm
up to 12,000 ft (3657 meters)
support use in plateau, mountains and high altitudes


Attention: Model LG101 is suitable for patients who need 1 to 2.5 liters oxygen therapy. 

If your family member need above 2 liters oxygen therapy, please choose model LG102 and LG102S


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