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Portable Sterilizer, 16 L Microprocessor Control



  • Inexpensive, reliable, safe, easy operation and maintenance
  • High efficiency for sterilizing wrapped/unwrapped/liquid/utensils, etc.
  • Stainless steel sheathed heater for easy maintenance
  • Versatile programs for selection:
    • Sterilization pressure adjustable from 0.9 – 2.1 kg/cm² with 115˚C – 134˚C
    • Preset sterilization time at 4 / 15 / 30 minutes depending on sterilization substances
  • Microprocessor control operates sterilization automatically
  • Sterilization starts timing only once set temperature is reached
  • Complies with quality certifications and specifications of 93/42/EEC


Portable sterilizer, 16 L microprocessor control


MODEL : SA-232 Portable
Overall Dimensions 330mm x 420mm x 400mm
Capacity 16 l
Temperature / Pressure Unwrapped / wrapped / liquid : 122°C ; 1.4kg per cm2
Control System Pressure control
Power Consumption 220-240V : 0.9kW ; 4Amp.
Auto Drying N/A
Pre-vacuum, Dry-vacuum N/A
Indicators Yes
Temperature Display Temperature gauge
Sterilization Temp / Time Wrapped:      121°C – 30 minutes
Unwrapped:  121°C – 15 minutes
Standard Accessories ü        Sterilization box  x 1
ü        Tray  x 1
Optional Accessories ü        Tray frame  x 1
ü        Tray  x 3
ü        Tray holder  x 1
ü        Spring  x 2
Safety Devices ü        Over-heat shutout
ü        Safety valve
ü        Release valve
ü        Emergency exhaust valve
ü        Door safety holder
ü        Pressure control switch
Quality Standard CE-MDD


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