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Vascular doppler Sonoline c with 8 Mz probe


The hand-held Doppler has been widely adopted as standard equipment for the assessment of peripheral vascular disease. The versatile, inexpensive and portable equipment allows the fast and simple but effective assessment of both arterial and venous disease. Besides, it helps physicians to diagnose some diseases, such as lower limb and foot ulceration in both diabetics and non-diabetics alike. RFD-E Vascular Doppler offers a traditional pencil-style 4MHz or 8MHz probe. It can locate both superficial and deep vessels faster and provides stronger signals



Vascular doppler Sonoline c with 8 Mz probe

Main Features
1. Waterproof vascular probe is used for monitoring arteries and veins.
2. Optional: 4.0MHz/5.0MHz/8.0MHz
1. Ultrasound
Nominal Frequency: 4.0MHz/5.0MHz/8.0MHz
Working Frequency: 4.0MHz/5.0MHz/8.0MHz 10%
2. P_<1MPa
3. Iob<20 mW/cm2
4. Isata<10 mW/cm2
5. Ispta<100 mW/cm2
6. Effective Area For Transmitter
7. 32mm215%(4.0MHz/5.0MHz)
8. 14mm215%(8.0MHz)
9. Degree Of Protection Against Harmful Ingress Of water: Protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water with 1m depth for 24 hours
10. Degree of Safety in Presence of Flammable Gases: Equipment not suitable for use in presence of flammable gases
11. Working System: Continuous running equipment
12. Working Mode: Continuous wave Doppler.
1. Main unit
2. Probe
3. Users manual
4. Gel



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